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Desk with a phone and piece of paper with feedback written on it.

Three Common Misconceptions of Feedback in Online Courses

Providing effective feedback in online courses can create meaningful interactions with students in online courses. As an online education researcher and educator, I have spent the last five years researching feedback in online courses (particularly STEM courses). While I could literally spend all day talking about feedback (and would love to if anyone is interested!),Continue reading “Three Common Misconceptions of Feedback in Online Courses”

Paint brushes in a clear jar with paint on it.

Paint on the Canvas: Tips From Students to Make Your Canvas Course Intentional

This piece was written by Mallory Gardner. Mallory is a communication intern for the Bakersfield College Academic Technology department. She will complete her Bachelor’s in English Literature at California State University, Bakersfield. After her Bachelor’s, she immediately plans on completing her MA in English Literature. Mallory is a longtime lover of learning, when she’s not enveloped in aContinue reading “Paint on the Canvas: Tips From Students to Make Your Canvas Course Intentional”

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