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Kalina Hill and Juan Manzano adding strategies to supporting persistence poster

Renegade Advice on Supporting Persistence, Managing Grading, and More!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting a discussion with new faculty and experienced faculty on a wide-variety of topics. These topics ranged from supporting student persistence to balancing work/life and thriving in the first year. Our discussion was structured as a gallery walk. Faculty engaged in discussions on these topics with colleagues and wroteContinue reading “Renegade Advice on Supporting Persistence, Managing Grading, and More!”

Man writing in a journal

Why I Went Back to School: A Student Perspective

This piece was written by Ulyses Ramos. Ulyses Ramos is majoring in film and photography. He is planning on going to a 4-year university after finishing at Bakersfield College. His hobbies are reading, playing with his dogs, and video games¬†¬† There is a time in everyone’s lives where they question everything they do. Something asContinue reading “Why I Went Back to School: A Student Perspective”

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