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How to Save Time with the Canvas Gradebook: Part III

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In the third and final part of this series, I’ll share three more videos from the workshop Christie Howell, Sara Manuel, and Dana Heins-Gelder organized on how to save time with the Canvas Gradebook. This post covers:

  • viewing students who have withdrawn from a class,
  • setting up deductions for late work,
  • giving extra credit, and
  • dropping a low score.

Viewing Students Who Have Withdrawn From a Class

Being able to view the grades and submitted assignments for students who have withdrawn from a class can be helpful if we need to submit a date of last attendance. For an easy step-by-step, watch this 1 ½ minute video. 

Viewing students who have withdrawn from a class

Q&A: Modifying Automatic Late Deductions

Interested in seeing what automatic late deductions look like in the Canvas Gradebook? Check out this short video in which we see how to override automatic late deductions if students turn in an assignment late with an excuse. Sara answers some questions on automatic late deductions in the Canvas gradebook. 

Modifying automatic late deductions

Q&A: How Do I Add Extra Credit in Canvas? 

Extra credit can be a little tricky in Canvas. To add extra credit, you can just give students points to an assignment that is worth zero or give students extra points above the total assignment score. This 5-minute video walks us through how to give extra credit in Canvas and also shows how to use fudge points. 

Extra credit

Dropping Low Score 

Interested in setting up the Gradebook to automatically drop a student’s lowest quiz grade? In this video, we can see how to set it up and what it looks like in the Gradebook.

Dropping a low score

For helpful tips from the first and second part of the series, check out:


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