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Renegade Approaches to Culturally-Responsive Pedagogy and Equity-Minded Teaching

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In our April faculty forum, faculty colleagues shared their approaches towards implementing culturally responsive pedagogy in their own teaching. Throughout the forum, the importance of reflection and representation emerged again and again as common themes. 

For short video recaps of the forum, read on! 

Omar Gonzalez shared how he has begun using OER and interactive materials to guide students in developing a critical understanding the nuances of history. He shares a wonderful example how we can create meaningful assignments in which students are able to connect their own identities to course content. 

Omar Gonzalez on integrating OER and interactive materials

Cecil Worthen discussed how he connects with students by sharing his own past experiences in community college. He provides a wonderful example of how we can identify with students and help students to identify with us. Bonus- he shares how he uses a liquid syllabus as a way to begin connecting with students before the semester begins. 

Cecil Worthen on identifying with students

Jeff Newby shared a wonderful assignment he calls “Marginalized Voices.” He uses this assignment as a way to put students in a position of power to disrupt traditional power dynamics in the classroom. This open pedagogy approach helps to facilitate students’ taking an active role in their own learning. This assignment example is a great model of a way to create representation in the class so students are empowered to contribute. 

Jeff Newby on amplifying marginalized voices

Katie Zeoli noted the importance of reflecting on one’s own positionality. She also reflected on the importance of understanding the historical and social context of the discipline in which you teach. 

Katie Zeoli on reflecting on positionality

In addition to the wonderful commentary from faculty, we shared the following resources in the chat: 


2 thoughts on “Renegade Approaches to Culturally-Responsive Pedagogy and Equity-Minded Teaching

  1. Great post and faculty testimonies. I especially appreciate the impact of the Open for Anti-racism fellowship on advancing anti-racist pedagogies at Bakersfield College.

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