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Supporting Persistence through Compassion: A Student’s Perspective

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This piece was written by Jelin Blanco. Jelin Blanco is a communication intern for the BC Academic Technology blog. She is pursuing an Associate’s degree in Biology at Bakersfield College. Her goal is to pursue a career in medical research. She enjoys reading, listening to music, spending time with animals, and helping others in her spare time. 

Students have incredibly busy academic lives. On occasion that academic life can come to a rough halt when life itself has other plans. It is important to remember that not only do students lead busy academic lives, but more often than not students also have very busy personal lives. In any case, extenuating circumstances do not always appear at convenient times. Students get ill, some more than others. Students also have families who become ill or are victims of tragic events. In cases such as these it is incredibly meaningful to have considerate, compassionate, supportive, and understanding instructors. Extenuating circumstances can cause a student to miss a lecture or need extra time to complete an assignment. No matter how an instructor chooses to confirm or validate such events, allowing a student to make up an exam or turn in a late assignment can ultimately lead to their success in your course. 

I personally have had many extenuating circumstances throughout my time in college. As a DSPS student I have had issues relating to my disability that have caused me to miss lectures or assignments. I also went through a high-risk pregnancy, became ill many times, and had to attend funerals of loved ones, all during my time at BC. Through all of these events, I was thankfully able to rely on my instructors who allowed me the flexibility to continue on with my courses without facing repercussions due to these uncontrollable, extenuating circumstances. I am incredibly appreciative to have had such great support from current and past instructors. Ultimately, this support has allowed me to complete their courses while facing hardships. This support has allowed me to continue to pursue my education despite major disruptions. 


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