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Using Canvas for Institutional Change Efforts

Screenshot showing home page of Canvas course with an image showing the word change in neon lighting
Maria Wright smiling

This piece was written by Dr. Maria Wright. Dr. Maria Wright serves as the lead Faculty for the Aspire Faculty Diversification Fellowship Program. Prior to taking on this role, Dr. Wright served as the Director for Academic Support Services for several years, helping centralize efforts to provide wrap-around support for students. This effort focused on enhancing the out-of-class academic experience for BC students. Dr. Wright has also served as an Educational Advisor.

Dr. Wright earned her doctoral degree from California State University, Fresno in Educational Leadership, her master’s degree in Educational Administration from California State University, Bakersfield, and her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from California State University, Long Beach.

As a first-generation graduate, Dr. Wright is passionate about increasing equity, inclusion, and diversity in higher education institutions. She is eager to help fellows in this program gain teaching experience in the community college setting.

How does your institution document and archive programmatic processes? Is there a centralized space where faculty, staff, and administrators can go to get the necessary information on a program? Programmatic websites are a great way to engage external-facing members, but how do you disseminate and store information that may be helpful to the internal members of your institution? 

In an effort to properly document the process for establishing the Faculty Diversification Fellowship Program at Bakersfield College, Dr. Maria Wright, lead faculty for the program, created an open Canvas page. This page is intended for institutions interested in learning more about the planning and implementation process and includes a step-by-step guide, a list of similar programs across other California Community Colleges, and more. 

Using the shell that already exists in Canvas makes the process of importing this information simple and organized. Design Tools in Canvas makes it easy to create pages, design the layout, and arrange materials. The slideshow highlights the design and information included in the course.

  • Screenshot showing home page of Canvas course with an image showing the word change in neon lighting
  • Screenshot showing Program Overview with data on demographics for students we serve at Bakersfield College
  • Screenshot with three sections program checklist, other programs at other Community Colleges, and Collective Impact
  • List of additional resources with two headings one on literature from the field and the other on presentation

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