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Studying with Friends and Family: A Student Perspective

Man studying on a computer with a paper and pencil
Catherine Acuna looking off into the sun

This piece was written by communication intern, Catherine Acuna. Catherine Acuna is pursuing her Associate degree in Biology at Bakersfield College, and aspires to be in the veterinary field. She is a first-generation student who strives to obtain higher learning to reach her dreams. During her free time, she loves spending time at the dog park with her dogs and hanging out with her friends.

Quizlet has been a game changer for me as I develop methods for studying in college.  I have used Quizlet as a personal study buddy for my biology class this semester. I have noticed it has improved my retention of knowledge and I feel 10x more prepared for my exams. I was lucky enough to have my own brother take biology this semester with me and we have taken turns making flashcards on Quizlet, then we quiz each other! The winner for answering the most questions correctly gets food or money… I personally like food more. My brother and I also share our study guides on Quizlet with our other friends in the class so that everyone has access to more knowledge prior to exams. It is so convenient and fun! Quizlet is a tool that makes studying easy and fun. I have found Quizlet to be especially useful for college students. In college, studying is a 24/7 job, and Quizlet makes studying that much easier. 

I have used Quizlet in the past for several of my classes during college; such as, history and biology. With Quizlet students can make flashcards, quizzes, vocabulary tests, etc. The repetition of looking back at notes, typing the questions out, and quizzing yourself are great ways to retain information. 

Quizlet also lets students add their classes to the main hub, which then allows students to share that page with other classmates. Students can then create study guides and study together! In this way, Quizlet can also be a great way to make friends, friends who like to study! This is a huge bonus for college students. Not only is Quizlet accessible online, but it is also a mobile app. Instead of being on TikTok on a phone in bed for hours, students can open Quizlet with just a couple swipes and be on the road to a more educated version of themselves. 


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