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Meet the 2022 Faculty Leaders

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In Spring 2022, the district launched a faculty leadership program to support district-wide faculty leadership and collaboration. In this initial cohort, faculty identified a wide-range of projects to tackle. To learn more about these projects as well as the initial cohort of faculty leaders, read on!

Jaclyn Kessler smiling
Jaclyn Kessler, Cerro Coso Community College

Jaclyn Kessler collaborated with the Dean of CTE at Cerro Coso Community College to develop a Summer STEM program for High School students, which will be piloted this summer with a focus on technology. Students will have hands-on experiences in technology, explore what the college has to offer, hear from local employers about career opportunities in our area, and go on a field trip to see STEM in action. This will enhance and create a foundation for relationships between area high schools, the college, and local employers in the aerospace and defense industries.

Maria Wright smiling
Maria Wright, Bakersfield College

In an effort to properly document the process for establishing the Faculty Diversification Fellowship Program at Bakersfield College, Maria Wright, lead faculty for the program, created an open Canvas page. This page is intended for institutions interested in learning more about the planning and implementation process and includes a step-by-step guide, a list of similar programs across other California Community Colleges, and more. 

Using the shell that already exists in Canvas makes the process of importing this information simple and organized. Design Tools in Canvas makes it easy to create pages, design the layout, and arrange materials.

Rachel Tatroduarte in front of shelves of books
Rachel Tatroduarte, Porterville College

Rachel Tatro-Duarte developed plans on how to design a virtual reality (VR)program. This information includes a detailed VR experience catalog, faculty learning community work plan, lesson guides on using VR as a classroom learning tool, and VR equipment information. 

Robert Simpkins in front of a ruin
Robert Simpkins, Porterville College

Robert Simpkins‘ focus was on “Building Trust and a Collaborative Culture Across the District” by creating opportunities for increased faculty interaction across the district and between faculty at all three colleges and the District Office. These efforts were intended to reduce isolation and promote the potentially positive benefits of increased cross-district interaction, such as developing new collaborations and exchanges of ideas, and to promote sharing, improve efficiency, and reduce unnecessary replication of work.  The initial efforts to do so were:

  • Organization of three Chancellor’s Seminar series meetings on The Future of Teaching-and-Learning in KCCD with faculty representatives from all three colleges engaged in discussion
  • Work with Chancellor’s Office on new virtual presence promoting Teaching-and-Learning innovation within KCCD in the form of the TALE Blog @ Kern CCD (

Rudy Menjivar in front of books
Rudy Menjivar, Bakersfield College

Rudy Menjivar researched and compiled information to create an operational model for the expansion of non-credit courses on a district level, with the focus on department growth. The information gathered derived from previous and current non-credit developments in Bakersfield College’s Business Management Information Technology department. While the information is compiled in a systematic order, sustainability and equity are carefully considered in each stage. This method allows for department reflection and considerations for student engagement. Operational Guidelines to Increase KCCD’s Non-Credit Pathways

Alex Rockey smiling on steps
Alex Rockey, Bakersfield College

Alex Rockey in collaboration with Bill Moseley, designed and launched a Center for Learning and Applied Research (CLEAR). A central aspect to CLEAR is an action research fellowship that will begin in Fall 2022. Faculty across the district have applied to participate in the 10-month action research fellowship. As part of this fellowship, faculty will have the opportunity to design and implement their own research project in their classrooms. This faculty-driven inquiry-based professional development will provide an opportunity for faculty to tackle a question like how to use technology to improve class discussions with a cohort of their colleagues. To learn more about CLEAR, check out the CLEAR website.

Parent University team
(Pictured Left to Right: Lupe Aguirre, BC Education Advisor Adult Education, Endee Grijalva, BC Program Manager, Adult Education, DeeDee Harrison, BCSD Coordinator Family Engagement/ Parent University, Diona Doss, BC Director of Academic Support Services (Team Lead), Chris Cruz-Boone, KCCD Adult Education Faculty Leader, Liz Ramirez, BC Academic Liaison, Adult Education.) Photographed April 21, 2022 at Bakersfield Fox Theater BCSD Parent University Graduation

Chris Cruz-Boone’s faculty leadership project supported the Bakersfield College Adult Education program to establish a community partnership with Bakersfield City School District (BCSD) Parent University. The BC/ BCSD Parent University planning team met weekly for more than five months in the Spring of 2022, and was overseen by Bakersfield College Director of Academic Support Services Dionna Doss and Bill Moseley, Interim Vice President of Innovation and Development. 


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