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Bakersfield College Student Resources: A Student Perspective

Angel Garcia standing in the snow

This piece was written by communication intern Angel Garcia. Angel Garcia will graduate from BC and transfer out to a 4 year university where he will continue his education and get my Masters in Sociology. His goal for the future is to work along side social services to be a resource for children and families who need stable homes. He loves to soak in as much information he can get, help people as much as he can, and read too much Stephen King books! 

Disclaimer: This is an article faculty can share with their students if they are looking for ways to share insight into how students can make use of all the BC resources on campus. 

When I first thought of the idea for this piece, I had no idea what to write. As a student myself I know what it’s like to read an article from a student’s perspective and find it not only interesting, but relatable and informative.

I struggled for days on finding the perfect balance between relating to other students like myself and keeping the information I’m about to share informative and helpful. What really helped me (honestly) was going to our writing center on campus which sparked an idea to help my peers understand the various resources we have on our college campus. 

A requirement for most of our classes is the dreaded essay or however-many-pages long paper that is due either as a midterm or is a part of our final. The Writing Center really helps pull focus on what we need on our subject, like this article I’m writing… typing… you get the point. I really struggled to pull focus without sounding like I’m going all over the place. The writing center really helped me understand the point I want to make and also offer organization help, drafting, and revising and editing help too! Also, if you ask, you can get access to their Canvas workshops where you can go through modules that teach students how to create a thesis, understand what goes into a body paragraph for term papers, and there are even modules that teach students how to cite any sources as students complete their essay assignments.

Another helpful resource on campus is the Tutoring Center where one-on-one assistance is available for students either online or in-person who need help with any courses that are difficult. 

Not only are Bakersfield College’s resources beneficial to student education, the college also offers resources like the Renegade Nexus that focus on alleviating food insecurity, hunger, and poverty among current Bakersfield College students. The pantry uses a point system that offers students 12 points a week. Students can use these points for a variety of help such as supplemental food options, personal and professional clothing, gender-affirming clothing, hygiene assistance and personal care.

The campus offers Veteran Services for post-military individuals who are trying to transition to student life. Veteran Services resources range from Active Duty Tuition Assistance, homeless resources to mental health assistance. There is even a Veterans Club that provides service, information, and a feeling of belonging to veteran students at Bakersfield College. 

We can’t forget about EOPS (Extended Opportunity Program & Services), CARE, CalWORKS, and NextUp programs offered on campus. The mission behind EOPS and all of the programs offered is to help assist students by providing services that will help them succeed in college, whether it be students who are single parents receiving assistance (CalWorks) or are financially and educationally disadvantaged. They even provide help to former foster youth with assistance with counseling services, book vouchers, and priority registration! 

Another program that BC offers is the EMLS (English for Multilingual Students) Program. This program is designed to help bilingual/bicultural students not only in  becoming fluent in the English language, but to help students develop the critical thinking skills needed to succeed in and contribute to the academic, professional, and social settings of their choosing. 

Finally, we have what I feel is a very valuable resource on campus and that’s the Student Health Services. Student health offers low-cost basic medical assistance and mental health support services. All appointments with the Health Services Clinicians or mental health professionals are conducted via a private and confidential Zoom session.

Physical, spiritual and emotional wellness is pivotal to student academic success which in turn contributes to Bakersfield College’s own mission of providing various opportunities to help students reach their full potential to succeed on their academic journey. 


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