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Renegades Persist: Interviews with Students Available Now!

Person jumping from one cliff to another

As instructors, we all know that students love hearing from other students. We also know that as we get into the semester our students can feel overwhelmed and they may feel they are the only ones struggling. 

Bakersfield College recently created a series of videos titled “Renegades Persist.” These short videos are all under 2(ish) minutes and feature interviews with BC students. These videos highlight strategies and resources students have found helpful as they pursue their degree/certificate. 

I’ve included a few videos below, but feel free to check out the full “Renegades Persist” playlist. These videos are all fully-captioned and can be embedded on pages within our Canvas courses and/or sent in our weekly announcements. 

Let’s all extend our thanks to the BC Art Department, BC Performing Arts Department, BC Office of Student Life, and BC Marketing Department for their collaboration in producing this series.

A Spotlight on Katheline Fierro
A Spotlight on Hortense Taylor

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