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For the Love of Technology

Heart on a keyboard
Angel Garcia standing in the snow

This piece was written by communication intern Angel Garcia. Angel Garcia will graduate from BC and transfer out to a 4 year university where he will continue his education and get my Masters in Sociology. His goal for the future is to work along side social services to be a resource for children and families who need stable homes. He loves to soak in as much information he can get, help people as much as he can, and read too much Stephen King books! 

I love technology. 

It’s a simple statement but what does it really mean? With Valentine’s day just a few days behind us, we may all be thinking about how to show appreciation and love to the people and the things we cherish the most in our lives. As a student, I wanted to take a moment to show technology some appreciation.

Technology aids us in ways we overlook as we go about our daily lives. For instance, sometimes I forget my schedule and I, being the person that I am, don’t have a planner. Instead, I always mark my schedule down on my phone’s calendar. So every morning, I look at my phone and organize my day from the palm of my hand. I couldn’t imagine how hectic life would be without that small piece of technology as an organization tool. 

As a student, I benefit from being able to read articles and books without depending on the hardcopy. Thanks to eReaders I don’t have to carry heavy books to class (thank you BC bookstore for giving us the online option)! Too many hard copies of assignments cluttering a backpack? Thank the technology gods for downloadable PDFs and the cloud. If you lose said handout a professor gives in a lecture, you can most likely find it published on the Canvas page. 

Thanks to Microsoft Office, I can easily take notes, save them to the cloud and access them from any device whether it be on my phone, laptop or a school’s computer. Also, when a professor assigns a term paper I couldn’t imagine what it would be like having to write it all by hand. It would require a lot of patience, and for the left handers like myself, a big smudgy mess. 

There’s so much to learn when it comes to technology. It has become a strong resource not only for us as students, but for the professors that help us throughout our education. Technology gives us an avenue for resources and online tools to help our studies. I don’t know how anyone can go about their lives without accessing technology for support at one point or another. So I stand firm in my statement when I say: I love technology.


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