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February Faculty Forum: Renegade Advice for Making Use of Canvas Advanced Features

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Our first faculty forum of 2023 was a success. Thank you so much to our presenters and all of our attendees. These forums are always a great chance to get a sneak peek into the genius of our colleagues. 

Karen Oeh shared how she uses peer review in her courses. Peer review can be a little tricky in Canvas so her short presentation provides helpful insight into what it looks like from a faculty perspective. 

Karen Oeh on Peer Review

Chris Mccraw had a wealth of strategies to share. He discussed how to crosslist courses while being mindful of FERPA, how he uses design tools to help students keep track of long-term assignments, and how he assigns discussions to groups. For a quick guide on how to crosslist courses, check out “Cross-Listing Your Courses.” 

Chris Mccraw on crosslisting courses and FERPA

And the long awaited answer to how peer review works when we have cross listed courses. As Chris mentioned, we need to make sure that when we crosslist courses students only interact with the students in their specific CRN to align with FERPA requirements. To make sure that students are assigned a peer review to only their group, we can manually assign students to do a peer review of other students in their CRN (their group). However, be careful as manually assigning students will also allow us to assign peer reviews to students outside of their group. If we choose the peer reviews to be assigned automatically, students will only be assigned to members of their group. For more check out, Tufts University’s guide on assigning peer reviews to groups. 


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