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What Inspires Me to Keep Going: A Student Perspective

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This piece was written by Caroline Contreras.  Caroline is a student here on campus working to earn her Bachelor’s in Computer Science.  Her goal is to one day become a competent back-end developer working on exciting projects.  In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, playing lots of Indie video games, and watching tech videos.

When that morning alarm comes on, I believe we can all agree that the first thing we want to do is chuck that thing out the window. However, we all restrain ourselves because whether we like it or not, we all have something motivating us everyday to do the things we do. As a student here at BC, I would like to share some anecdotes of my life that motivated me to keep on going on not only my educational journey, but my self-improvement journey as well.  

Without a doubt, my family has always been a huge motivation for me to do good things in my life. During high school, I remember I would take my education for granted. I was constantly skipping class, and never felt like the “scholar” type. But words that my mother told me still linger in my mind to this day, “There are many people who wish to have the opportunities you have. Don’t waste this chance that many people don’t get. I wish I would have had what you have now.” After that, I made it my goal to improve my work ethic and changed my viewpoint on education: it is not something that you should take for granted!

During the summer, I would visit my business-savvy uncle in Mexico. “You should work at my store”, he said. Taking advantage of the influx of tourists that tend to visit Mexico during the summer, he set up a shop. While I was uneasy at first (being so young and very shy at the time), this experience really broadened my horizons. For example, I wanted to learn more languages to better communicate with the new faces I met. While education itself is important, growing as a person is something at which everyone should work. Self-improvement and trying new things is always a worthy goal.

I am very grateful to those in my life who pushed me to do great things that seemed scary or out of my reach. While at the time I could not see it, I now understand that the only way to grow academically and even as a person is to do things that seem impossible.


One thought on “What Inspires Me to Keep Going: A Student Perspective

  1. I love what you wrote! Giving the example of what your mother told you and also that in order to grow we must do things that seem impossible!


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