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Renegade Tips for Creating Interaction Face-to-Face and Online

As the new semester begins, we may be looking for ways we can incorporate meaningful interaction in both our face-to-face and online courses.  Meaningful interaction can support student learning (Cung et al., 2018; Sher, 2009), satisfaction (Sher, 2009), and retention (Mitchell & Hughes, 2014). Spending time thinking about how we can create opportunities for studentsContinue reading “Renegade Tips for Creating Interaction Face-to-Face and Online”


Renegade Advice on Supporting Persistence, Managing Grading, and More!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting a discussion with new faculty and experienced faculty on a wide-variety of topics. These topics ranged from supporting student persistence to balancing work/life and thriving in the first year. Our discussion was structured as a gallery walk. Faculty engaged in discussions on these topics with colleagues and wroteContinue reading “Renegade Advice on Supporting Persistence, Managing Grading, and More!”

Faculty Leadership Spotlight: Parent University

Dr. Chris “CCB” Cruz-Boone is an education leader in Bakersfield, California. She has worked as a professor since 2005 while earning her Master of Arts in Communication Studies. In 2014, she earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership from Fresno State University. As a supporter of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in higher education she has presentedContinue reading “Faculty Leadership Spotlight: Parent University”

Faculty Voices: A Renegade Toolkit for Small Changes with Big Impacts

To kick off the 22-23 year, we wanted to highlight faculty voices and provide concrete examples of how one Renegade faculty has found small changes make a big difference. This piece was written by Jacy Hill, MA,Ed, RT(R). Jacy says, “I have been a full-time faculty member at Bakersfield College for 5 years. I haveContinue reading “Faculty Voices: A Renegade Toolkit for Small Changes with Big Impacts”

Meet the 2022 Faculty Leaders

In Spring 2022, the district launched a faculty leadership program to support district-wide faculty leadership and collaboration. In this initial cohort, faculty identified a wide-range of projects to tackle. To learn more about these projects as well as the initial cohort of faculty leaders, read on! Jaclyn Kessler collaborated with the Dean of CTE atContinue reading “Meet the 2022 Faculty Leaders”

Using Canvas for Institutional Change Efforts

This piece was written by Dr. Maria Wright. Dr. Maria Wright serves as the lead Faculty for the Aspire Faculty Diversification Fellowship Program. Prior to taking on this role, Dr. Wright served as the Director for Academic Support Services for several years, helping centralize efforts to provide wrap-around support for students. This effort focused onContinue reading “Using Canvas for Institutional Change Efforts”

How COVID-19 Taught Me to Embrace Academic Technology

Robert Simpkins has been a Professor of Anthropology at Porterville College since 2012, where he also is currently also the Academic Senate President and faculty lead for Guided Pathways.  He previously served two terms as the Social Science Division Chair, and organized PC’s CHAP (Cultural and Historical Awareness Program) series for five years.  Prior toContinue reading “How COVID-19 Taught Me to Embrace Academic Technology”

Faculty Perspectives on Mobile-Friendly Teaching

Our March faculty forum explored “Mobile-Friendly Teaching: Simple Ways to Make Our Classes Accessible on Mobile Devices.” Chris Cruz-Boone shared her strategies for making courses accessible on mobile devices, including:  Creating short overview videos Using accordions in design tools to chunk long pages of text Check out this 13-minute video for an overview of Chris’Continue reading “Faculty Perspectives on Mobile-Friendly Teaching”

Faculty Spotlights: Creating Humanized, Mobile-Friendly Courses

As educators, sometimes the most inspiring moments come from hearing about the work our fellow educators have done. If you’re looking for some inspiration with the new semester, take some time to peruse the Person Up faculty spotlights. The Person Up fellowship paired a faculty member (or a group of faculty members) with an instructionalContinue reading “Faculty Spotlights: Creating Humanized, Mobile-Friendly Courses”

Bonus! Renegade Faculty Strategies for Temporary Online Teaching

As we continue to navigate disruptions to our teaching caused by COVID, focusing on communication, consistency, care, and content can help us to best support students. If you are looking for specific strategies, check out this Padlet created by Renegade faculty. Feel free to add your own strategies as well:)