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Faculty Leadership Spotlight: Parent University

Dr. Chris “CCB” Cruz-Boone is an education leader in Bakersfield, California. She has worked as a professor since 2005 while earning her Master of Arts in Communication Studies. In 2014, she earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership from Fresno State University. As a supporter of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in higher education she has presentedContinue reading “Faculty Leadership Spotlight: Parent University”


Meet the 2022 Faculty Leaders

In Spring 2022, the district launched a faculty leadership program to support district-wide faculty leadership and collaboration. In this initial cohort, faculty identified a wide-range of projects to tackle. To learn more about these projects as well as the initial cohort of faculty leaders, read on! Jaclyn Kessler collaborated with the Dean of CTE atContinue reading “Meet the 2022 Faculty Leaders”