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Renegades Persist: Interviews with Students Available Now!

As instructors, we all know that students love hearing from other students. We also know that as we get into the semester our students can feel overwhelmed and they may feel they are the only ones struggling.  Bakersfield College recently created a series of videos titled “Renegades Persist.” These short videos are all under 2(ish)Continue reading “Renegades Persist: Interviews with Students Available Now!”

Why I Went Back to School: A Student Perspective

This piece was written by Ulyses Ramos. Ulyses Ramos is majoring in film and photography. He is planning on going to a 4-year university after finishing at Bakersfield College. His hobbies are reading, playing with his dogs, and video games   There is a time in everyone’s lives where they question everything they do. Something asContinue reading “Why I Went Back to School: A Student Perspective”

Supporting Returning Students: A Student Perspective

This piece was written by Jelin Blanco. Jelin Blanco is a communication intern for the BC Academic Technology blog. She is pursuing an Associate’s degree in Biology at Bakersfield College. Her goal is to pursue a career in medical research. She enjoys reading, listening to music, spending time with animals, and helping others in her spare time. Continue reading “Supporting Returning Students: A Student Perspective”