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Renegade Canvas Gift Guide


In the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to take a moment to share with you a Canvas gift guide. The gift guide highlights five tools favored by the Academic Technology department at Bakersfield College and is organized based on time investment. One clock indicates a lower time investment on the part of instructors while five clocks indicate a larger time investment. 

Hope you enjoy the Renegade Canvas Gift Guide!

One Clock

Message Students Who:” I may be a little biased, but “Message Students Who” is officially my favorite Canvas feature. This feature allows instructors to easily send quick check-ins to students: 

  • who haven’t submitted an assignment, 
  • who haven’t been graded yet,
  • who scored less than a certain amount on an assignment, or
  • who scored more than a certain amount on assignment.

The best part about this feature is the time investment. Instructors can send individual messages to all students in a course who haven’t submitted an assignment in three easy clicks. 

Student Messages Via the Gradebook

Two Clocks

Redirect Tool:” The Redirect Tool is a great way to add a custom link to your course navigation. One way this can be used is to use the “Redirect Tool” to add a Zoom link for office hours to the course navigation. 

Three Clocks

Quick Checks:” Quick checks may require a little bit more time, but they are worth adding to your course if you’re looking for informal, low-stakes ways for students to self-test their knowledge before moving on to another Canvas page. Thanks to Design Tools we can easily integrate Quick Checks into Canvas. 

Quick Checks

Four Clocks

Canvas Studio:” Canvas Studio is a great tool for recording and captioning videos. They can be easily embedded into Canvas pages and we can even add quizzes that automatically sync with the Gradebook. An added bonus is that students can also use Canvas Studio to create their own videos. But perhaps the best aspect of Canvas Studio is the captioning. The auto-generated captions are more accurate than you might find with other services and easy to edit for accessibility purposes. 

Canvas Studio

Five Clocks

MasteryPaths:” Looking to spend some serious time? Consider integrating MasteryPaths into your course. MasteryPaths is a great way to provide students individualized paths in a module so they can get extra information on concepts they struggle with or extra challenges if they have already mastered specific concepts. 

In our work with Canvas, these five features stand out as some of the best. Whether or not you have a lot of time to spend or just a little, these features can make a big difference for students while making your life a little easier.


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