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December Faculty Forum on Using Technology to Teach Face-to-Face Classes

Today we hosted the last faculty forum of 2022! In this faculty forum, we discussed how we can make use of technology to teach face-to-face. Our faculty colleagues shared some wonderful tips and tricks on how to use technology to build community, make use of Canvas, and integrate polls in face-to-face classes. 

Scott Peat shared how he uses scavenger hunts to both help students apply concepts to the real world and to build community with other peers in the class. He provided some great examples of assignments and activities that he found worked well in both an online and a face-to-face classroom. 

Scott Peat on adapting online activities for face-to-face classes

Sondra Keckley discussed how many of the skills we learned in teaching online courses can help us in face-to-face courses as well. She also shared how she uses Canvas to organize content for students and create interactive in-class activities. 

Sondra Keckley on using Canvas for face-to-face teaching

Sara Manuel provided an example of how she uses the free version of mentimeter to poll students during class. She walked us through how to use this tool to get a sense of how students are feeling about a course in the beginning of the semester as well as how to quickly adapt to student needs once the semester is well underway. 

Sara Manuel on polling with mentimeter

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