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Having an Undecided Major: A Student Perspective

Person standing in front of three doors with a question mark

This piece was written by communication intern Britney Rodriguez. Britney Rodriguez is currently undecided in what major she wants to pursue. She sees it as a learning opportunity to discover more about the pathways available at Bakersfield College. During her free time she likes to play games, watch anime, and spend time with family. Britney’s dream one day is to make her own Webtoon.

I’m already about a year into college and still need to choose a major. During this time, I’ve taken student development classes and interest surveys. I asked others what they suggested and researched possible careers. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore my options and my interests further. Until I decide my major, I will take general education courses.

Sometimes I feel like I’m falling behind other students. They have decided what they want and have this great goal. This goal of I’m going to become this, and I’m working to make that happen. I do wish to have that feeling for myself one day. Finding my major is progressing a little slower than I expected. I feel like I’m struggling on a level in a video game, attempting it repeatedly. And even after clearing it, the levels get more complex.

I began college right after graduating high school and joined in the fall term. I’ve always known I would go to college even when I was just a little girl. I thought I would just study whatever I wanted when I got to college. But I’ve learned that there is pressure to not just pursue my passions, but to also consider what will make me financially stable in the future. Friends and family have told me to become a veterinarian or nurse so I can have a career that pays well. It can feel overwhelming to decide what to study, because of all the expectations. The problem is, though, I became afraid of the possible outcomes. What if I were to fail? What if I were to regret my decision? Sometimes our worst enemy is our own self-doubt. I know to find my major I will need to reflect on what I want my future to be.  

Although it’s a lot to think about, I enjoy attending school. All the classes I’ve taken have taught me something. In trying to figure out my major, I’ve learned to not do what others wish and listen to my own thoughts and dreams. We are more than capable of choosing our path in life. Attending college has taught me that anyone and everyone is capable of thinking for themselves.


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